v1.1 available with the thing we wanted: universal CVS import

Ask and ye shall receive: Open hGrant for WordPress went to version 1.1 today with two key features now available:

  • Easy upload of big batches of grants
    Just export your grants data to a spreadsheet and save it in CSV format. Once you’re in the WordPress dashboard, choose hGrants/Import CSV to upload the file, use the dropdowns tom map it to the hGrant spec and click Import.  Voilà and not a moment too soon, we’re thinking.
  • One-click activation
    Once you’re up and running, clicking this button sends email to us and to the Foundation Center hGrant folks, who can test your grants data feed for inclusion in their open data intiatives. Easy peasy.

Interested in this plug-in and don’t know where to start? Check out our support page or drop us a line.

mission minded weighs in

Great to read Open hGrant’s technical lead, Jason Camp, weigh in on our plug-in over at Mission Minded. He talks about how this small tool

…creates a big opportunity to collect, catalog, map, and analyze giving across multiple organizations around the country. Not only do grantmakers using the plug-in get an easy way to display searchable, sortable, customizable grant listings, they also can instantly share their data with the Foundation Center.

Around the country and around the globe: thanks for Foundation Center’s partnership with the International Aid Transparency Initiative, reporting globally is just one click away with Open hGrant for WordPress.