And O,Yes. It Works. And That’s A Big Thing.

Foundation Center’s Reporting Commitment went live with the first Open hGrant feed from the Walter and Elise Haas Fund this week.  Check out the map, the low-down from W&EHF, and some comments I made over at Glasspockets.

Thanks very much to the Foundation Center for featuring the Open hGrant for WordPress plug-in on its eReporting pages here.

Our partners at Mission Minded rolled their eyes for the umpteenth time at our tagline “the little plug-in for philanthropy’s big data.” It’s not actually a little thing to call out a problem, sit down with smart people, build a tool and hand it out. For free.

We’re experimenting with adjectives over here: Tasty. Cool. Refreshing. Simple. Actually Monumental. Izbashy (this last one because I’m trying to find a word that produces no results in an Internet search browser. Since we’re located in the land of that’s-so-a-made-up-word-named startups, it’s hard not to play along).